What is Mogr?

Mogr is a small community of folks around motion design, CG and VFX. It's a place for the best work, experiments, work in progress and pretty much anything else around motion graphics. Only people with the artist membership can post videos. We named it Mogr because it's about Motion Graphics. Simple as that.

Who are the Artists?

Artist membership is not something money can buy. It must be earned. Artist membership requires an invitation from another member artist, or by passing the newcomer entry contest. This way the community is only as good as we make it, and it's up to us (member artists) to keep the bar high! Learn more.

Hey, you!

Are you a motion designer, VFX or CG artist? Do you sometimes render your experiments just for fun? Good news! You finally have a place where to put them! A place where your geeky creations can be actually appreciated by other VFX freaks.

Developers of animation software!

Do you develop plug-ins, scripts or animation software? Hold on... This is your spot! Mogr is the right place to showcase creations done using your software.

Every video at Mogr is tagged by the software which was used for its production. Every software listed at Mogr has its own page. This page links to the website where the software can be purchased and shows all videos at Mogr that were created with it. Mogr can also be a good tool for promotion. Learn more about how all this works.

Why all this?

We made Mogr because we felt like there is not a special platform dedicated to professional motion designers, CG and VFX artists. There are many platforms for designers, artists or even videographers, but none offer quite the platform we think that Mogr members deserve.

Who are we? We are software developers & motion designers. Mogr was born as a side project while we were developing plug-ins for Adobe After Effects.

To see what's new or what's next, check our blog.