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What is what

What is Mogr?

Mogr is a small community of motion designers, CG and VFX artists.

Mogr is about:

  • Artists who are professionals in what they do.
  • Exceptional work that showcases interesting and innovative experiments.
  • Being inspired and inspiring.
  • Discovering software capabilities, new plug-ins and useful scripts.
  • Job Opportunities & Freelancing.
  • Challenge. Crafting good responses of great work requires great skill.

Artist membership at requires an invitation from another artist, or you must pass the Newcomer Entry Contest.

Why Mogr? It's called Mogr because it's about Motion Graphics (Mo + Gr).

What is a Video?

A video is a sequence of pictures which quickly follow one after another. You didn't expect that, right? A Video at Mogr is a motion artist's masterpiece, which aims to -- hopefully -- bring them eternal glory and fame.

Who is an Artist?

Artist membership at requires an invitation from another member artist, or you can become an artist by passing the Newcomer Entry Contest. Artists of the community are professionals working in the field of motion graphics, CG and VFX.

As an artist you can:

  • Add videos.
  • Add a showreel to your profile.
  • List your software skills.
  • Set yourself available for hire.
  • Approve other artists who would like to join the community.
  • Link store where you sell stuff from your profile.
  • Be discovered!

What are Teams?

Teams at Mogr may represent production studios, teams or groups of motion designers working together.

You can create a team account the same way you create a regular account.

As a team you can add team members. You can add them in your account settings under the Team Members section.

Being a member of a team is great because your profile picture is listed listed in the team's profile.

Also, if you are member of a team, you can add video for that team. By adding the video this way, you will make the video show up in the team's profile and all followers of the team will see it.

And anyone can be in one or multiple teams.

Who is a Newcomer?

A newcomer is a person that has entered the Newcomers Entry Contest. It's somebody who would like to join the community, but does not have an invitation from an artist.

Newcomers submit a video which is evaluated by the artist community. The video is shown in the Newcomers category for 3 days. If it is approved by a number of artists, the newcomer is promoted to an artist. The number of required approvals is set by the system and may change from time to time.

What is an invitation?

Invitations are used to invite great artists to join our community. If you have an invitation available, you can send it to your motion designer folks, presumably those that will kick ass and add innovation to an already creative community. Once the invited has received an invitation, they will become an artist right away.

Use your invitations wisely. Our community is only as good as we make it! We want to build a strong and welcoming community, without losing the creativity and innovation that is the basis of Mogr.

Not every artist has invitations. These are earned by artists through their contribution, the quality of their work and on a case-by-case basis.

What is a Response?

A response is the re-creation of a video or a video made in response to another video.

A response can be the re-interpretation of an existing video, which utilises a different style, for example, by using different tools. It can also be a video that is stylistically or thematically inspired by an existing video but about an entirely new topic. Essentially, a response is the act of inspiration.

Why to post a response? Posting a response can get you additional exposure. responses has their own section. If somebody made a video that you could do better, your response could show him who's the sheriff here!

To do a response is a challenge. And challenges are fun!

What is a Newcomer Entry Contest?

It's a contest for aspiring motion designers, CG and VFX artists to become members of the Mogr artist community. If somebody wants to join the community, but has not received an invitation, they can apply for artist membership by entering the Newcomer Entry Contest.

The rules are simple. A newcomer submits a video. This video is shown in the Newcomers category and is evaluated by artist community. If a certain number of artists approve the video within 3 days, the newcomer becomes a community member.

Only artists can give approvals. A newcomer can enter only one video at a time. The number of required approvals by members is subject to change over time.

If you would like to enter the contest, just register an account and click on the blue button on the top-right.

What is a Showreel?

Showreel is a supercut video showcasing an artist's best work. Only artists can add their showreels to their profile pages.

What are Credits?

Credits let others know who have been working on the video.

If you add someone to credits, his or her followers will see the video in their feed.

Also, the video will be displayed on the profile page of each credited artist or team (unless the credited member turns it off).

If you've been added to credits and you'd like to be removed, or you'd just like to hide the video from your profile page, you can set this at the video page (the video you're tagged in).

How can I...

How can I become an Artist?

If you would like to join the community, you need an invitation from another artist. If you don't have one, you can apply for artist membership by joining the Newcomers Entry Contest.

How can I contact a member artist about work?

Not all artists are available for work. If they are available, you can see a handshake icon next to their name, and a button which reads "Hire Me" on their profile page.

If you contact a member artist, please send work related messages only. Spammers will be banned. Don't forget to include a good description of the work project, the deadline and the budget.

How to write description and comments in Markdown formatting?

Here's a quick cheat sheet on how to use Markdown at

How to publish s video made for my team?

If you are a member of a team, you can publish a video for that team. This video would then show up on the team's profile page.

You can set the video as "for team" at the Add Video page (that's the same page as Edit video page).


How do I add a video or a GIF?

Upload your video to your YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy channel and then add it via the Mogr's add video page.

If you upload your video to Vimeo, make sure to set the privacy settings so anyone can see it (setting it to "Private" won't work on Mogr). If you upload it to YouTube, you can set it to "Public" or "Unlisted". Also, the embedding must be enabled. Otherwise you will not be able to add the video. Here are screenshots to guide you through this process:

While we do not host videos for a number of reasons, Mogr sees this as a great opportunity for artists to promote their respective channels and offer a glimpse of other work that they may available on their channels.

Note: Only artists can add videos. Obtaining the artist membership requires invitation from other artist or by passing the Newcomers Entry Contest.

How can I post a response?

To post a response, you follow the same steps as you would adding a regular video.

In the section "Is this video a response?" select "Yes" and link to the original video at (the original video that you have remade).

Why do I need to connect my YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy account in order to add a video?

We want to ensure that the video you are adding is yours. This method also enables us to handle technical aspects to keep the website running smoothly.

I can not see the video which I would like to add in the list.

Are you sure that you have uploaded it?

How can I delete my video?

There's a "Delete" button on the bottom-right side of the video's page.

How can I edit my video?

There's an "Edit" button on the bottom-right side of the video's page.

Please note that you can't edit the link to your video's vide

Video Categories

Categories make it easier to access work from specific industries. A video must fit into at least one of these four categories.

For Artists

Why are Tags important?

Tags help others to discover your work based on their own interests and inquiries. Tags also help us to learn more about how people use and what kind of work is being added.

When you are adding tags to your videos, always try to be as descriptive of your videos as possible.

Examples: particles, physics, experiment, reveal, morphing, green screen, flat, shapes, etc.

Please do not add software as tags. "Software used" has its own place at Mogr, and for good reason. See below.

Why should I fill out "Software used" when I am adding a video?

Filling out the "Software Used" section is beneficial for various reasons:

  • Let people discover you as an artist. Aspiring collaborators and potential employers are often interested in artists specializing in particular software. This can lead to better and more tailored job & freelance opportunities.
  • Let people discover your work. Some people are interested in exploring work that was created using particular software and at we offer unique software or plug-in related search engines.
  • It helps other artists to discover new tools and expand and strengthen their own technical and creative capabilities.
  • It makes software developers very happy.

Be it to inspire and be inspired, or to help potential employers filter through videos to find the right artists for their upcoming projects, by including which software you have used, you are opening doors and opportunities creatively and in the job market.

Can I use the Mogr logo in a video?

Yes, sure! Here's a download link for Mogr logos (there's an .aep project file with logo parts as shapes and also .ai, .svg, .png files).

For Animation Software Developers

Why to join Mogr

If you are an animation software developer, here are some pretty great reasons to join Mogr:

  • Mogr is the best place for discovery of new animation software.
  • Mogr is the best place to showcase capabilities of animation software.
  • Mogr is the social media for animation software developers and folks around motion graphics.

Why to list your software at Mogr?

Every video at Mogr is tagged by the software which was used during production. The tags are listed below the description of the video. Wether it's a software like Adobe After Effects, a plug-in or some handy script. This way people discover how things are being done and also - what software is used to get it done.

Every animation software listed at Mogr has its own page. Check for example Adobe After Effects, or Animation Composer.

This page contains:

  • Name of the animation software
  • Developer of the animation software
  • Link to a website where it can be purchased or downloaded (the blue button on the top-right)
  • All the videos that were done using this software.

This a whole new concept of marketing a software. It's effective. The right people at the right spot seeing the right information. Seeing what was done using what software is the most convenient way for people to see use cases of your software.

Mogr is in V1 at the moment. In V2, we want to push it this much further. So there's a lot to look forward to.

Why you should add videos?

Videos by artists are great. But who can showcase the software capabilities better than its developer? It's you - the developer, who can do it the best!

How to list your software at Mogr?

First of all - yes, it's free. We wouldn't ask money for that!

Second, check if your software is not already listed. You might be surprised! We have populated our database with nearly every animation software that we have found. Big stuff from Adobe, The Foundry, Autodesk, MAXON… There's everything from and much more.

To check if the software is already listed go to "Add Video" page (the blue button on the top-right). Try to type the name of your software into the "Software used" section. If it pops up, yay, it's there! If it's suggesting to create a new tag, it's not there yet.

BTW: if there are already some videos which are tagged with your software, you should be able to find them using the Search.

If you find out that your software is not yet listed and would like it to be at Mogr - simply add a video and add type the name of your software to the "Software used" section. It will create a new software tag. Then - LET US KNOW at support(at) Send us a link to the video you have just added, your name under which you would like to be listed as the Developer and also a link where the software can be purchased or downloaded. We will add it there for you.

Best practices for showcasing your software

Here are some simple tips on how to showcase your software:

  • Showcase what the software can create (not the software features, interface, etc...).
  • Explain how you have used your software to create the video (but play nice, don't put other software you have used into shadow).
  • Use tags. Tags are indexed for search. It will help people to find your video.


  • Do not try to "sell" your software to people in the description, title, or in the video. Use your own product website for that.
  • Do not add links to your software to the description. The link is already the the software page (for example Adobe After Effects).

Promoting your software with Responses

Would you like to promote your animation software, script or plug-in? You can use responses at Mogr as a great marketing tool.

A response is a video made in response to another video, or its recreation. One of things you can do is to organise a contest. Contest is a challenge and people love challenges.

How to do a contest?

Add a video that could for example showcase something nice - something that your script / plugin / animation software helps to achieve. In the description of your video state that you are making a contest / challenge. Ask people to create a response to your video and that the response with the most likes will be rewarded with a price.

The price could be a free licence for your product. You can reward the top 3 or the top 1. Your rules.

It's effective because if you do it right, people basically promote your product by word of mouth. They put an effort into the video and then they are likely to share what they have created not just because they would like to brag about it, but also because they want to get a lot of likes to win.

And it's free!

Just a note... There are few things that you shouldn't ask for in terms of your contest:

  • Don't ask people to mention the name of your software in the title or the description of their video.
  • Don't ask people to share it. They will do it anyway - if the wish to do it.

What not to do

The main point is that videos at Mogr should not be about software features or tutorials. Videos should be about software creations.

So here's what not to do:

  • Do not add videos showcasing your software features. Instead, add videos that showcase what the software can create.
  • Do not try to "sell" your software to people in the description, title, or in the video. Use your own product website for that.
  • Do not add links to your software to the description. The link is already the the software page (for example Adobe After Effects).


Should I use my real name or the name of my company or brand?

Use your real name if you can. Mogr is about real people and about what they can do. If you would like to promote your brand, consider creating a team account instead.

By the way - if you offer something for sale, you can add icon & link to your store in the account settings (it will look like this).

How do I let others know that I'm available for work?

Go to your Profile Settings and in the section "Are you available for hire?" select "Yes".

This will add a a "Hire Me" button to your Profile page, through which your potential customers can contact you about work.

It will also add the handshake icon that appears next to your name in search, which indicates that you are available for hire.

Only artists and teams who have passed the newcomer contest or are in via the invitation have this option.

Why are Software Skills important?

Show the world what you have, and make it easier for them to find you!

If you fill out software skills, people will see them on your Profile page and next to your name in search results.


Mogr Press Kit

Here's our Mogr logo kit: Mogr Logo Kit. It contains Mogr logo for white and dark backgrounds in following file formats:

  • .svg
  • .ai
  • .png

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

These Terms of Service was crafted from's version, which is available under a Creative Commons Sharealike license.