Kinetics Robotics

Tony C.
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Kinetics Robotics animation concept. Cinema 4D After Effects Mixamo (Adobe Fuse)

Software Used

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Date Added: September 05, 2016

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Jody Hatton -

@Tony C. No worries, thanks! That's cool. There's another place to spend my next 500 hours... ;)

Tony C. -

@Jody Hatton Thanks a lot, The dance moves are from Adobe Fuse website former Mixamo. , you can sign up for free access to the account, also everything on the site is free as well. Check it out it's really cool. Please excused the delayed response. Enjoy,

Dirk Hensiek -


Jody Hatton -

That is, technically speaking, "cool ass!" ;)

How'd you do all the dance moves?

Tony C. -

@NVZ Thanks, that mean a lot.


i like the flare touch ;) very dynamic there and the final position . cheers!!!

Tony C. -

@Adam Sabla Thank you,

Adam Sabla -