INTROSPECT emerged after wanting to create a narrative based on a HUD (head-up display) or UI (User interface). I wanted to go out of my comfort zone as I always try to with challenging projects and really create something original and contemporary. I have explored UI design before but never really been satisfied enough to upload it publically until now with this short film.

The design is based on linked 3D objects that have been set to point clouds (which is a set of data points in a coordinate system) to create holistic and translucent objects and then creating movement using a camera. Subsequential to the holistic objects I generated random code and applied various glitch effects. This was not only to give it a unique and characteristic design but also to give it a general velocity among the slower paced objects.

I hope you enjoy this little short film as much as I had creating it.

For a stronger more immersive experience I'd recommend using headphones to hear the subtle audio effects and full screen in a dark room to pick up all the visual details.

Software Used

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Date Added: October 27, 2017

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