Dive in - An illustrated tale

Nicola Gastaldi

Dive in - An illustrated tale is an underwater journey, through revolving landscapes and unexpected monsters, a world of breathing caves and valleys, tiny fishes and huge, hiding whales. Taking inspiration from my favourite designers of all time, Fortunato Depero, Enzo Mari, Bruno Munari, i tried to create, like them, an uncommon product for children and grown ups. With a set of 33 looping gifs, I wrote the story, designed and animated the huge canvas (5760x21120 pixel). Luigi Mastandrea created the generative music and Paula Masterton accompanied the video with her wonderful voice. But I also wanted my daughter to play with it, so I made a 33 pieces modular puzzle that she can rearrange to create new shapes and designs. direction/visuals: gasta generative music: luigi mastandrea voice: paula masterton Full project at gasta.org/portfolio/dive-in/


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Date Added: October 04, 2018

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Dirk Hensiek -

I like your style