Winner of Marbella International Film Festival '2012 in nomination Shorter shorts. Ink-girl appears from smeared paper in broken printer, falls in love with black-white photo of Agent00, advertising sunglasses in a magazine, experiences some difficulties, than finally comes happy end %) Starring: Yana Bezman - INK Helena Potekhina - Bijoute girl Dmitry Puzyrev - Agent00 Crew: Story - Dmitry Puzyrev with consultations by Robert Crombie and Alan Dzarasov Director, DP, Post-production - Dmitry Puzyrev Make-Up Svetlana Starodvortseva Sound design - Alan Dzarasov Music composed by Rieces Pieces Thanks for help to: Anna and Serge Zuev, Elizaveta Starostina Oxana Soshnikova

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