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Mantas Bačiuška
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Nobody would argue that sneakers are the most popular footwear nowadays. But only a few of us know the history of sneakers evolution. A few months ago, when I’d just started to collect information about it, I was really surprised about the date, when the first pair of sneaker was released. It was in 1917. Could you believe that?

Original design for me looked a little bit boring for animation, so I’ve decided to choose a fun colorful design. I’ve illustrated the main sneaker models like Converse, Vans, New Balance 576, Onitsuka Tiger Corsair and others. After that, I’ve created an energetic animation of sneakers evolution with active movement and jazzy soundtrack.

You can view all the illustrations here: Or you can find me on Facbook:

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Date Added: September 11, 2016

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Morgan Sanchez -

Love the texture to!!!

Emma -

love it!

Sean Abley -

Classic, clean style - Your work is motivational! THANK YOU, MAN!!

Jonathan Naidoo -

really awesome!!! love the look and feel!!

Mike Smith -

Wow this is awesome! Nice textures!

Adam Sabla -

Dude, this is so nice! Kudos! And Nike Air Force 1 FTW, I wear that edition for the pas 10 years at last... gotta check Jordans, I've heard that those kicks ass and are very soft, haha.