Twelve Seconds in One Minute

Mantas Bačiuška
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The main idea for each animation was to create one-second animations and to prove that one second is enough to tell a story, present a character or create a tragedy with a help of text, illustrations, motion and sound. One second is much more than you’d thought.

This animation is a collection of smaller animations which was sandwiched between a title card and end slate. I was inspired by Animade's "Full Secs" project.

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Date Added: September 11, 2016

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Dano Nunes -

I had a good laugh with this! Very entertaining!

Sean Abley -

Very Clever Stuff!!! You are my new inspiration for being smart.

Linus Quek -

Love the styles. Behind every title is a surprise!!

Jonathan Berry -

Really great idea, fabulous variation of styles too

d.solve -


Florian Feldmann -

it's a blast!

Mantas Bačiuška -

@Adam Sabla Thanks! And the best part it doesn't get old. :)

Adam Sabla -

Oh man this is probably the best video of this kind I've seen in a long time.