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Adam Sabla
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Hey everyone! This is my first video and in fact - it's the very first video ever posted on Mogr.

I wanted to do something quick & simple - so here it is. The whole animation has only 5 keyframes (I've used Animation Composer so nearly everything is animated through expressions). The sound was done in Ableton Live put of some free samples plus few tweaks in Audition.

Feel free to do a remake. I think I'll make at least one myself as I already have some effects in mind. If you'd like to see the project file, here you have it: http://bit.ly/1R9b36o

Also, the original .aep with logo in shapes is from Mogr's logo kit: https://mogr.com/help#can-i-use-the-mogr-logo-in-a-video



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Date Added: January 05, 2016

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Serhii Romashkin -

Historical moment :)

Adam Sabla -

@Jody Hatton Oh, yeah, I didn't realise that, thanks!

Yes, unfortunately AC can't remove a preset that's not installed in AC. We wanted to have there this feature, but there were many problems associated with it...

You can still remove it manually - just remove the markers (right click on them...) and remove all the expressions (select layer, pres EE, then just delete the texts).

Jody Hatton -

Cool beans!

I may have discovered a bug in Animation Composer ... or maybe it's there on purpose?

I was trying to remove all presets from all layers (using the project file in the first link) and kept getting an error.

I updated to the latest version, then I got an "Ooops! Some strange error happened" dialog box.

It looks like you can't remove a preset from a layer if you don't have that preset installed.

Jason Steel -