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Piyush Bharoliya
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Hey, This is something I made while using Video Copilot Element 3d with Adobe After Effects CC. Hope You liked it. If You wish to know more comments down below. You can also make this scene : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykFjbxr9DNI To find me on Social Media .. Links are here below.fb.com/coolbird143 instagram.com/coolbird143 Created by Piyush Bharoliya (That's me :D Coolbird143) © Coolbird143

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Date Added: September 16, 2016

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Piyush Bharoliya -

@Apostolos Roussas Hey, Thanks bro :) :D

Apostolos Roussas -

Loved it!!!

Jason Moore -

Very nice.

Piyush Bharoliya -

@N.light Thank you :D

N.light -


Piyush Bharoliya -

@Ivan Kosdy Hey, Thank you for letting me know the problem .. I have enabled embedding. thank you again :)

Piyush Bharoliya -

@Adam Sabla , Hey, thank you for compliments. and sorry i didin't noticed embedding was off, I have enabled it. :D

Adam Sabla -

But it looks great though!

Adam Sabla -

Looks like you got disabled embedding for this video :) now it can be watched only at YT

Ivan Kosdy -

Hi Piyush, please allow embedding this video, so we could see it here, thanks!