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Branko Jass

Little frame by frame animation test in Adobe Flash.

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Date Added: January 24, 2016

Comments (5)

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Mitch Hickey -

mmm simple and beautiful

Branko Jass -

yeah, you guessed right! over most text animations it was turbulent displace. rest was frame by frame... thanks! :)

Jason Steel -

That that video you did frame by frame as well? I would guess it was a turbulent displace or something like that, at least for some part of it... Nice work, kudos!

Branko Jass -

Thanks! yeah man, it was done frame by frame in adobe flash, it was test for my next project. here is link if you would like to see it:

Cheers! :)

Jason Steel -

Holy shit you really did this frame by frame? Great work! Did you manually change every shape on each frame? It's pretty short... but still, that's a lot of work.