Eye Of The Premiere Denouement

Mike Smith

All right! This is a remake of the original Eyes Of The Premiere which I posted couple days ago. So you see... nothing complicated :D It's just the capture panel. I was testing the HDMI monitoring and this thing has nearly melted my brain. I was staring at it for half an hour.

It's like when you are looking around in a room full of mirrors... but you are invisible!

Software Used

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Date Added: January 25, 2016

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Samuel Leopold Timosson -

Interesting! ;)

Mike Smith -

@jayakar thanks much Jayajar!

jayakar -

this is just legendary... This made me signup for this site just to like this <3 wow great work mike :)

Mike Smith -

Thanks! Yeah, it was very interesting. You can see how slow all the light travels through the "tunnel".

The best one was when my disk got full and I got an error. One dialog after another started to appear indefinitely... Similar thing if I moved my hand to the camera.

Dominic Amatore -

nice. So you were getting crazy feedback?