Sphere Challenge

Claude Autret
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My entry for Motion Cafe's Sphere challenge, it had to start and end with those exact circle and background.

Elements 3D, Trapcode Mir/Shine/Form

Software Used

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Date Added: January 27, 2016

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Claude Autret -

@Florian Feldmann
@NVZ Thanks guys !

Florian Feldmann -

Just canĀ“t stop watching this. Reminds me somehow on that mind loop I experienced somewhat of a decade ago at hat rin beach... ;)


great!!! and i realy liked the way it loops ;)

Adam Sabla -

Oh great, thanks!

Claude Autret -

Thanks ! The rocks are made with Elements 3D, Mir is used for the rainbow-like lowpoly tunnel around and the white lines !

Adam Sabla -

Nice! Did you make that tunnel of rocks with mir?

Also... hmm.. I'm looking at those whilte polygonal lines, wasn't that done using Plexus? Because I don't yet have plexus and I wanted to try to make those... If that's mir, yepee!