Infinity Main Title

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Did this main title just for experimental purposes. Art Direction: Alan Geoy Music by: Vivaldi, Summer Finale from "The Four Seasons" Music Editor: Joy Heng Model and animated in Cinema4d.

Software Used

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Date Added: September 23, 2016

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Dirk Hensiek -

Respect!! it looks very Nice Best regards from Hamburg Dirk

Antigravity -

@Adam Sabla @Jay Lee @Fabian Bittroff Appreciate the kind words guys!!

Fabian Bittroff -

Nice Work. I love it.

Jay Lee -

Love the art direction of a clean, minimalist approach. Nice choice of music too.

Comment was deleted.
Adam Sabla -

Wow awesome!

Antigravity -

@NVZ haha thanks again man!!


sweet!!!! and i like the overall feeling that gives you ;) cheers!