Summer Comes, Summer Goes

Nicola Gastaldi
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Personal project, all done in Cinema 4d, rendered in Vray. Nothing else, just tons of keyframes. Here you can see the sound design backstage!

  • Concept, Animation: Nicola Gastaldi
  • Sound Design: Alessandro Morella

Software Used

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Date Added: September 27, 2016

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creative and this a lot of work and i have to respect

vance naegle -

very nice!

Gary Stockton -

Simply fantastic!

Adel Grable -

Very creative!

Fabian Bittroff -

Beautiful. I really love it.

Piyush Bharoliya -

Super amazing :) Watched it several time .. just looks amazing :) Great work mate

Nicola Gastaldi -

@Cratin Thank you mate! :)

Cratin -

Beautiful work!

Gabe -

OMG. good job

Parker Young -

Looking awesome! Transitions between each object are very impressive.