"Religion is bullshit" Kinetic Typography

I took a part of George Carlin's Show and did a kinetic typography animation. All the elements and texts were made in Adobe Illustrator and then animated in Adobe After Effects. This project was done as a semester's assignment in 2013.

This was one the earlier tests on kinetic typography and some new plugins and scripts.

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Date Added: September 29, 2016

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Olga Tesliuk -

Nice graphic interpretation of George Carlin! It's been a long time since I saw good and interesting (!) kinetic typography :]

Roshni Kumar -

mind blowing

Endformat Designstudio -

Wow! Thanks everyone! Glad you like the clip. Hope to get to make a follow up some time :)

Andy Dunkman -


Adam Sabla -

You should set it as a reply to this https://mogr.com/video/328/philippians-4-6-7


Adam Sabla -

I love this... I mean not just the animation, but the content!

Alexander Toth -

LMAO, good idea to animate this epic comedy..