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Adam Sabla
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Mister Horse
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This is a part of the promotional video for our text presets.

I've made that video looong time ago... but I still like the way it animates to the music... so I figured out I'll put it here. The quality is poor, but what the heck...

There's more than 1000 presets... I've made each of those presets manually, one by one... with love!

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Date Added: September 29, 2016

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Adam Sabla -

@Jody Hatton Hey! Thanks!

Well, most of cases it's just the motion blur. If turned on - especially text layers are quite difficult to render... but this doesn't have to do anything with AC presets. Just to see - try to compare with blur on or off... it's a huge bump.

In some cases rendering stuff with presets is a bit slower than with keyframes... It depends on the preset, how many presets and how many layers are involved. But it more or less about those crazy situations with many many layers.

We're aware of this for some time and couple people have already asked the same thing... We'll look into this, it's something we'd really like to make smooth :)

Thanks for getting in touch.

Jody Hatton -

Y'know, I love the crap out of Animation Composer, but I've noticed that whenever I use it, render times go through the roof. All the time I save by not having to manually keyframe my animations ends up going towards longer render times... I'm not sure if it's the motion blur, or if there's a crazy amount of calculation involved in some of the presets?

Seth Erekson -


Dylan Mercer -

Quality is fine, Adam. I really like the position animations around 00:50:00, I agree, it's simple, but works really nicely with the music!