Animated Nike Logo Parody (Just Fuck it)

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i was surfing the Internet yesterday and i found a Nike logo with a middle finger hahahha then i said why not animate it ,it will be so damn fabulous ...i gotta say it was a challenge for me but I made it thankfully

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Date Added: February 18, 2016

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Mbarek Abdelwassaa -

@Olga Tesliuk HAHAH yeah indeed

Olga Tesliuk -

That's how advertising should look like! xD

Dirk Hensiek -

Wow,...Nice work!!

Harry Baals -

awesome dude!

Tony C. -

Freaking great ;)

Mbarek Abdelwassaa -

Mike thanks man :D

Mbarek Abdelwassaa -

Adam yeah totally PHAHAH xDD

Mike Smith -

Haha agree! Great work, nice colors.

Adam Sabla -

I think Nike should rebrand to this!