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Jody Hatton

This is the goofy idea I came up with to promote my services among all the buzz about the new Star Wars movie. I finished this video a year later than I planned, and it's only 25% of what my original vision was... but maybe we're all better off that way. ;)

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Date Added: October 13, 2016

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Joeri Pross -


Tony C. -

Funny, Clever and Brilliant. Great work,

Jody Hatton -

Thanks guys!

There was a whole cartoon superhero thing I had planned for the middle part (kinda like The Incredibles) then after a year I decided to "just finish it" and remove all the hard stuff. ;)

Sagar Saseendran -

Ha ha ... Loved the narrative ..:)

Seth Erekson -


Dirk Hensiek -

Cool Video....nice to view. Best regards from Hamburg Germany Dirk