Avoyt Demo Reel 2016


This demo reel is a culmination of all my best works, many of which I have yet to publish as I am still tweaking them. I focused on timing and on my broad range of media. About 50% of the included footage originates from personal projects and extracurricular activities.

If I may say, making this reel was amazing. I felt emotional looking over the pieces I placed in there, reminiscing about each one. It's bittersweet, really.

The song is "65536" by LukHash. I do not own it. You should seriously check out LukHash, by the way.

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Date Added: October 13, 2016

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Avoyt -

@Jody Hatton Thank you so much! And yeah, I had trouble getting it this short. I wanted to keep it short and sweet (to avoid losing anyone's attention, of course), but I just wanted to include everything! I do wish you luck with your reel!

Andy Dunkman -

Wow dude, pretty serious stuff!

Mike Smith -

Wow kodak

Adam Sabla -

Great stuff, kudos!

Jody Hatton -

Slick! Some big fancy names in there too. :)

I'm having trouble putting together my own reel, I've got way too much stuff that I need to aggressively narrow down. I see you got yours down to 36 seconds. Bravo!