Pegasino at the Common

"It's a lovely morning in Wandsworth common.." This is the very short story of Pegasino, a little and cute winged horse who lives in a London park.

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Date Added: October 13, 2016

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Nico Vargas -

hahaha amazing

Nicola Destefanis -

@Avoyt thank, i appreciate :)

Dirk Hensiek -

Very Nice Video, regards from Hamburg Dirk

Jody Hatton -

hehe! Holy crap. I love burgers, but that was HORRIFYING :D

Roshni Kumar -

nice ....what a twist

Avoyt -

I absolutely love this! It made me laugh, hahah. The timing is impeccable, too.

Andy Dunkman -

:D :D :D great work! Will there be a sequal?

Nicola Destefanis -

thanks @Jason Steel has been incredibly fun working on this!

Jason Steel -

Hahaha! But seriously, great work Nicola!

Adam Sabla -