Leftfield ft. Sleaford Mods - Head and Shoulders

Nicola Gastaldi

The Studio @ Smoke & Mirrors had the pleasure of working with Riff Raff director Casey & Ewan on the latest Leftfield music video "Head & Shoulders". The video consists of an evolving journey of a monster that grows not only in size but also in its look, from hand drawn, to stop frame, to 3D animation. The Studio was asked to work on the 3D section of the video and our main references were low res, highly saturated, overall wrong and glitchy videos from early 90s 3D video games and movies.

The team started by creating an animatic, invaluable for timings for both the 3D artists and the director. Along with this, we asked for footage of Jason Williamson, singer of Sleaford Mods, lip-syncing the song. We used 3 three cameras, on green screen, in order to get all the angles we needed to create the unwrapped texture for the 3D face model. As soon as we got the style frames for the monster, we modelled, sculpted and textured it. We then went on to rig it, added dynamics for the dreadlocks and created a setup to give us better control the glitches.

We then modelled each environment, trying to add a layer of graphic evolution at each step. Starting from the stomach and the city which remained quite low res, we then evolve to the eclipse and the sky scenes which are far more complex and more realistic (as realistic as a flying monster eating powerplants in the sky can be). The eclipse and the sky shots were the most challenging and fun to work on for us. We projected the backgrounds in nuke and on top of that, made use of 2D relighting tools to enhance the light effects.

In every shot we used loads of C4D xpresso scripts, pyroclusters and x-particles for the dandruff storm. In total, the team had a little over 15 days to complete the project.

The Studio @ Smoke & Mirrors

Previz: Davide Frusteri, Christian Tailor 3D Artists: Silvia Casali, Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor Monster Rig: Nicola Destefanis Jason Head: Nicola Gastaldi Lead Compositor: Guillaume Weiss Compositors: Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor Studio Creative Director: Dan Andrew Credits Production Company: Riff Raff Films Director: Casey & Ewan VFX/Post Producer: Sophie Harrison, Lydia Evitt Colour Grading Facility Colourist: Dan Moran

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Date Added: October 18, 2016

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Adam Sabla -

Great job! The morphing looks cool!