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"Ocean" — a brand of fresh seafood, which gives priority not to artificially farm-raised, but to wild fish. In order to demonstrate the freshness of the product we decided to show that the consumer buys almost live fish. That is why the photorealistic illustrations of swimming fish appeared on the packaging. As we are observing them sitting on the quay or on the deck of the boat. Not from the side as in the aquarium, but from above as the fishermen see them.https://www.behance.net/gallery/43160129/Ocean-Commercial Agency: Jekyll&Hyde Production: WOL Creative Studio Producer: Elena Palamarchuk Screenplay: Mikhail Rakov Art-directors: Viktor Aleksandrovsky, Egor Preobrazhensky Illustrator: Vitaly Kolomeets Motion Designers: Viktor Aleksandrovsky, Dmitry Berezhnoy


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Date Added: November 24, 2016

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Dirk Hensiek -

Wow,..Perfect!!! Very Nice Best regards from Hamburg Dirk

Mike Smith -

Poor fish... Great project guys!