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Hello Mogr in 3D!

Jason Steel

Hey everyone! I'm Jason Steel. Although I'm not a man of steel, at least I've made the Mogr logo of steel, haha!

This is a remake of the original logo video... I had to take the .ai file of Mogr logo and copy the paths form Illustrator to AE to make the masks for Element... Then I've just threw some Trapcode Shine presets on it and here you go!

Let the saga continue - here's the project file: http://bit.ly/1Jw1lIB

Software Used

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Date Added: January 07, 2016

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Dinesh R -

I love'd It

Jason Steel -

Come on :D

Mike Smith -

The overburnt... pfff, amateur :D

Jason Steel -

Yeah, you're right... I have noticed that too, but I was too lazy to re-render it... it would take another 15 minutes :D

Andy Dunkman -

I can see there few overexposed frames. I would maybe decrease opacity of the Shine fx, or try to move the lights a bit more distant from the object... But apart from that it looks great!

Adam Sabla -

Wow this is sick man! Nice one, I really like the light rays!