REEL 2016


A collection of work from the the past year. Thanks for watching! Contact for freelance: Project in order of appearance: Giants Customer Story Animator (concept/animation/design) - Boston Red Sox Customer Story (concept/animation/design/edit) - ShoreTel Summit Overview Testimonial (concept/animation/design/edit) - pending publish SIP with ShoreTel (concept/animation/design) - Private/internal LCMS Christmas Card (concept/animation/Design by Rachel Topf )- ShoreTel Tradeshow video (concept/animation/design/edit) - Private ROUTINE "Gills" (concept/animation/design) - ROUTINE "Petal Pressed" (concept/animation/design) - Solar Plexus (concept/video/edit) - pending publish Visit Maine (animation of MAINE title)- ShoreTel One Conference intro (concept/animation/design) - private Music by The Books:

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