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Contest ended 2017-03-12 00:00:00 UTC
Mister Horse

Hey Everyone! To celebrate the official launch of, we're making an animation competition!

We would love to see how well you can animate the artwork in the video! Post it as a response to this video to win great prizes.

Check what are the results so far! Damn cool!

ALL responses get a $20 Mister Horse store credit and 5 winners get a $200 store credit + one pack of choice from our motion presets.

Grand Prize - 5 winners (4 most liked, 1 hand-picked)

The more likes you have, the bigger chance to win. So share your video wherever you can!

How to enter:

  1. Like this promo so everyone on Mogr can enjoy it!
  2. Animate the artwork from the video, download the files here (.aep, .ai and .svg). You can animate it however you want, everything is allowed!! You can add stuff, remove... Go bananas!
  3. Post it as a video response to this video. (Learn more about video responses)
  4. Fill out your profile page.
  5. Fill out this form.

All entries receive:


  • Contest ends on Sunday, March 12 at 11:59PM UTC.
  • Each user can get only one reward, even if he/she submits more responses.

And don't forget to check out responses of others!

Good luck!

The competition has ended! Here are the winners:

  1. Nicolas -
  2. Estefania -
  3. (a tie) Rabie -
  4. (a tie) Nico -

And the handpicked winner is:

Thank you!!

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Contest Entries

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Date Added: February 07, 2017

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Eric Lau -

Hi guys, how do you claim the $20 store credits even though you didn't win a prize?

Pablo Scinardo -

Congrats to winners! excellent job. Thanks.

Aya Ahmad -

Better late than never :) I'am in 😎

Lucas Lago -
Wagner Moraes -
Andrew Archuleta -
Simon Walter -

OK, just finished mine, hope you Dudes like it;)

Chris Lupton -

Done mine as well, first i've ever tried for a competition. Fingers Firmly Crossed! link ( ).

Tony C. -

This should be fun, Good Luck everyone 👍

Eduard Mykhailov -

I am in game! good luck for everyone! :D