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Motion Designer's Nine To Five

Adam Sabla
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Here's is my entry for the Animation Competition! Took me around 3 hours.

This video shows pretty much how my day looks like... It's the Motion Designer's Nine To Five, inspired by Dolly Parton's song, haha. I even made the clock to show the exact time, hehe. I hope you like it!

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Date Added: February 07, 2017

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Simon Walter -

On Point;)

Adam Sabla -

@Victor Amoda yeah :D but that would be impossible... the clock would need to go back to 9 from 5 you know, or I would have to animate the rest of the day :D hehe

Victor Amoda -

So close to being perfect <3 just needed to loop perfectly. Great work

Adam Sabla -

@Solo Sorin, @Hector thanks guys!

Solo Sorin -


Hector -


Adam Sabla -

@Nico Vargas Thanks!

Nico Vargas -

Very cool..