Dancing Redneck

Adam Sabla

I made this for fun a while ago, as an experiment... I've always wanted to try out Trapcode Sound Keys and make something move to music.

There are no keyframes, the whole dancing is done using expressions (the only keyframes are the audio output generated by Sound Keys).

The illustrations was done by Manu Sánchez Vázquez. The music was done by Labraka Dabrador - a soon rich & famous musician who still hasn't finished his first song.

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Date Added: January 07, 2016

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Joeri Pross -

Hahahah I love the look on his face "I'm being forced to dance against my will ! Someone HELP ?! "

Mohamed " ReaooVFX " -


Mike Smith -

How did you make him move his way?

I made a remake and was tying to do a similar thing (https://mogr.com/video/16/good-vibrations). But the Soundkeys was unusable. Every frequency of the histogram was useless. I mean... too much of everything in every frequency.

Did you have separated track for each instrument or what?

Jason Steel -


Andy Dunkman -


Adam Sabla -

It looks like this:

transform.yPosition - ( (thisComp.layer("name of audio layer").effect("Sound Keys")("Output 1")) * 2)

I've split the position axes and used the expression only for X or Y. The first part enables me to work with the property (so it's not fixed, I could change the position or keyframe it). The "*2" in the end just exaggerates the whole movement.

Andy Dunkman -

:D I like the way he moves! What's the expression?

Jason Steel -

Hahaha, this is great! And good groove by the way ;)