NFL at Twickenham Graphics

This was a very fast turnaround piece. I had just an afternoon to come up with a style and work with the editor and producer to come up with the text graphics you see in this piece. The idea of the script was to show the similarities of Rugby Union and American Football as the Giants were playing the Rams at Englands iconic Twickenham ground in London.

So with just the short time to prepare I used Element in After Effects to produce the animated text using the colours of the England Rugby Union Team along with a variety of colour schemes from the American Football teams. They had to be legible but we wanted them to be stylised also, so I used some typefaces similar to the ones used in College Football. I also recreated the Giants and Rams type using their teams colours for the final lockup. I love this piece and it's still one of my favourites. We worked hard on the edit to show the similarities between the sports and (I hope you agree) produced an exciting opener to the NFL game coverage.

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Date Added: February 13, 2017

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