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Teaser video for 22EME SIECLE's #voeuxconcrets campaign. Each year everyone wishes each other a happy new year, best wishes for the new year etc. 22EME SIECLE wanted to create a collective energy, where everyone is invited to get behind each others positive, achievable wishes for 2017.Links: medium.com/@22emeSiecle/voeuxconcrets-785f2459ee2#.ai8mvtba8 tricider.com/brainstorming/33wGwG4qbmN Written by: Raphaël Bosch-Joubert. Design & animation: Rod Macey. With the voices of: Julien Taïeb, Capucine Toulemonde, Rebecca Armstrong and Raphaël Bosch-Joubert. Music: Lecomte de Brégeot and Rod Macey. Sound design: Rod Macey A 22EME SIECLE production.

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Date Added: March 26, 2017

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