Contest! Who's got the best logo reveal?

Contest ended 2016-09-18 00:00:00 UTC
Mister Horse

Hey Everyone! To celebrate the launch of our new Animation Composer 2, we're making a contest!

We would love to see your own logo reveals! Post a it as a response to this video to win great prizes and get some free Mister Horse store credit.

ALL responses get a $20 Mister Horse store credit and 5 winners get a $50 credit + one pack of choice from our motion presets.

Grand Prize - 5 winners (4 most liked, 1 hand-picked)

  • $50 store credit to use at Mister Horse store
  • One pack of choice from our motion presets
  • Winners will be announced on or after Monday, September 19
  • Winners will be promoted in our Mister Horse newsletter (12 000+ subscribers)

More likes you have, bigger chance you have to win. So spread the word about your entry!

How to enter:

  1. Like this promo so everyone on Mogr can enjoy it!
  2. Post your own logo reveal as a video response to this video.
  3. Fill out this form (contest has already ended).

All entries receive:


  • Contest ends on Sunday, September 18 at 11:59PM UTC.
  • Each user can get only one reward, even if he/she submits more responses.

Heyya, good luck!


The contest has ended!

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Exile Motion | Design -

It's late but I wanted to share anyways!

Mantas Bačiuška -

Woop Woop! Thanks Mr. Horse! Now lets put that prize in good motion use :)

José Felipe dos Santos -

Woohoo! Thanks Mr. Horse and everybody!

Viktor Zilbershtein -

Congratulations to all of you, guys! A lot of cool stuff was showed

Mister Horse -

Ladies and gentleman! Here are the winners!

Handpicked response by Mister Horse:
by Mantas Bačiuška

The most liked responses:
by Viktor Zilbershtein
by Gabe
byJosé Felipe dos Santos
by Danny Caro

And one more, because it was very close:
by Igor Novoselov

Rajesh Kumbhar -

winners ???

Drain Hope -
Lucas Lago -

here's johnny mine:

Ivan Kosdy -

Hi @Daniele! Please follow instructions here to add your video ;)

@Sam Leonard you've already done the hardest part, just add your video here to newcomer contest as a response! If you're not sure how to do that, follow instructions in the first link ;)

@Josh Lyon thank you for reporting this issue! It was surely a real bummer, it took us some time to find the cause of this problem, but it should be up and running fine now ;)

Josh Lyon -

Hmm, Mogr is not connecting with my vimeo account... getting a server error. Here's the logo reveal anyway: :)