Uwe Schröder - Showreel 06-2014

uwe schroeder

so this is my showreel from 2014. have to do a new one, but i think it shows what i do. everything that can be done live and content for that.

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Date Added: September 02, 2016

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Dirk Hensiek -

Coolski,...schaut super aus. Gruß aus Altona Dirk

Mike Smith -

@uwe schroeder that's sick :D no magic wand, nice!!!

uwe schroeder -

@Adam Sabla i hope i will have some time to do that in october ^^

uwe schroeder -

@Jason Steel thanks man :)

uwe schroeder -

@Mike Smith yes, indeed, the whole front of the building was masked. we got architect drawings on paper for preproduction. we scanned them, i had a couple of funny hours in adobe illustrator and then we had our mask for after effects :)

Mike Smith -

One thing I don't understand... The building at 1:09, did you mask the whole thing to match the windows? Or... well, I'm puzzled haha.

Jason Steel -

Great work!

Adam Sabla -

Nice projections dude! Looking forward to the new one!