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Joeri Pross
For team:

The best bits are in the final half ;)

I've made this video in 4 weeks time, using the brand new plugin https://fxfactory.com/info/mosaic/ This is my masterpiece so far !

Mosiac is really fun to work with. Not intuitive, but once you "get it" you can make some cool animations. I used footage of actors on green screen, and stills with animated noise.

Please approve if you like this, I'd love to be part of this community.


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Date Added: April 08, 2017

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Nurzhan Islambekov -

hm.. Very interesting plugin

Joeri Pross -

Yes, all the patterns I used are build in presets. I layered them over each other, and used Video Copilot's Color Vibrance to make them pop.

I'm working on a custom made "atlas" now, an atlas contains the images that you can sort by luminance to have them placed on the corresponding pixels.

If more people approve of this videos I'll be able to post that ;-)

Jody Hatton -

Cool stuff! Thanks for the heads-up about the new plugin. :)

Adam Sabla -

Very nice! I love the "pattern" animations with numbers and stuff... that's mosaic as well?