Expect the Unexpected

Olga Tesliuk
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Video for Animation Competition, enjoy!

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Date Added: April 10, 2017

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Olga Tesliuk -

@John Honner @Krystyna Nowek thank you very much! :]

Krystyna Nowek -

love it, great job!

John Honner -

Olga your motion graphic creativity and skills are amazing !!!

Olga Tesliuk -

@Tanya @Lucas Lago Thanks! :]

Lucas Lago -

Very nice idea!

Tanya -

Very nice :)

Olga Tesliuk -

@Adam Sabla @Mike Smith @Joeri Pross thanks guys, I'm glad that you like it! :D

Joeri Pross -

Welcome :)

Mike Smith -

The best entry yet!

Adam Sabla -

Whaaaaaaat :D this is cool... lol, I watched it couple times and still found new things! Respect!