This is how the 404 should look!

Mike Smith

I can't say that I don't like the 404 error page and the page with no search results... But I think it can be improved! Why not to make it in Mogr brand colors, and add the logo to it? That would lead to the term "consistency" :)

I think it would fit much better. What do you think!

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Date Added: January 13, 2016

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Adam Friedman -

Hah, even the controllers are spinning!

Andy Dunkman -

Agree! Nice!

Jason Steel -

Yeah I agree... Looks much better than the original! I see it's already on the 404 heheh.

Mike Smith -

Wow, that would make me feel so proud, Adam :D sure!

Adam Sabla -

This is so cool! And you are right. I'm thinking about using what you have just created for the Mogr 404 pages... I'll get in touch shortly :)