Robot Wars: Expect the Unexpected

Jody Hatton
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FINALLY! An excuse to use the "Lightning" plugin.

I probably spent more time writing the song than making the actual video. I'd love to spend an extra day getting the character animations right, but ... I gotta get back to those paying projects some time. ;)

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Date Added: April 12, 2017

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Joeri Pross -

This is full of win.

Jody Hatton -

Thanks folks! I'm glad this competition exists, I forgot how much I love making random stupid stuff without a commercial purpose... :)

Adam Sabla -

Hahaha, this is great! Good music by the way :D

Ryan Brant -

Kool! Really like the characters dance at 20seconds. Got his moves perfect with the beat.

VoiceBunny -

Wowww! hahhaha great work!

Damien Lee -

Really love the animations of the character's movement!